Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Fun

We have been busy enjoying family and friends this past weekend. Here are a "few" pictures to give you an idea of what we've been up to.

[Insert pictures of Ailey, Josiah, and Joanna having fun Friday night]

Oh, wait, I left my SD card in my computer that night. :( What good is a camera with no card? Phooey!

Fast Forward to Saturday...
Michael and Paul hard at work
 Josiah falling in love with Uncle Paul...
 Josiah in a tree
 Jasmine in a tree
 Josiah and Jasmine in a tree
 Aunt Tina and Joanna
 The boys playing soccer
 Josiah was reading a book to Joanna

 J and Jo ready for church
 The kids with Uncle Daniel
 Eating a yummy lunch @ Aunt Tina's house
 Group photo
 Gma and Gpa with the kiddos
 Amy and Joanna
 Our little princess!
Tonight is night #2 of Teen VBT! I heard they had a great service last night and I am looking forward to being there tonight and getting a blessing from the preaching.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vacation Bible Time!

Vacation Bible Time had a great turn out of kids!
 Penny March! There is some serious competition with the penny offering.
 Michael and Fritz McSpeedy. The kids loved it when McSpeedy came out for a visit.
 My wonderful Sister in law came and grabbed my camera from me so she could get some pictures of Josiah in his class for me.
 He LOVED going to VBT except the last night and that was because he was overly tired and not feeling the greatest.

 The final night of vbt, they brought the kids all together to get a group picture.
 There were somewhere around 600 kids!
 It was organized chaos. :)

 Michael gave away some balloons for people who brought visitors. Here is one of the cars that when home with this little boy.
 Joanna got to go with me last night so I threw her in her back pack. She did really well with all the noise.

We praise the Lord for a fun and exciting week, and most of all for the Souls who accepted Christ as their Saviour!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I wish everyone could have a Best Friend Forever. When you're young you throw that phrase around rather flippantly. You don't realize that TRUE friendships are precious and extremely rare anymore.
 It's the kind of friendship that lasts through the test of time, distance, engagements, marriages, births of babies. It lasts through the good, bad, and ugly in your lives and doesn't leave you high and dry no matter the circumstance.
 The kind of friendship where you can call and say "Praise the Lord, listen to what just happened" as well as "Pray for me. I can't tell you why. I just need you to pray." And sometimes its the freedom to rant and talk it out without being judged a horrible person because you're struggling with something.
 The kind of friendship that gives you freedom to have other friends without jealousy, because you know where you stand with each other.
 The kind of friendship that doesn't take offense when you say something stupid to each other. You take it in stride knowing that they are having a rough day and later on you just say "I was stupid" and you move on with life.
 It is the kind of friendship when getting together means Ben & Jerry's, a movie, and pajamas. You never have to entertain each other or continuously talk. Silence is golden especially in the middle of a movie!
 True friendship is saying "I'm thirsty and I'm raiding your fridge."
And probably one of my favorite parts of it all is after not having seen my BFF in several months- there is no awkward silence. She still makes fun of me, and I still can't make a good come back on the spur of the moment.

I am extremely blessed to have a handful of true friends, but there is nothing so sweet as a friendship that has been tested and tried over a period of several years. I am blessed beyond measure to call Sami my BFF!

I am also thankful that our girls are so close in age! I see slumber parties in our future and that makes me happy! :D

Sami, when our girls have their 13th birthday party and they start being silly and having fun by dancing around and thinking no one is watching... Wanna hide and video tape it all just like your mom did???? lol

Smooth Skies

Our Sunday morning started at 4:30am with grabbing the last of our luggage and heading to the airport.
A big thanks goes to my Dad for waking up rather early in order to take us to the airport Sunday morning! Especially when our friend who will remain nameless wanted nothing to do with waking up THAT early, but his initials are MPPjr. (mwahaha) A another thanks to my mom for helping Dad get up and get moving with a pot of the evil smelling coffee that permeated the truck. (teehee)
 The kids were AWESOME on the flights! Seriously. The flight from Florida to Seattle takes roughly 5 hrs. Joanna was a doll baby except when she gave me a really yucky diaper.
Josiah snacked, played with his new horses, colored, did some school worksheets, played with a puzzle, and then watched a movie.
 We ate lunch when we got to Seattle, I lost my husband and kids for about 10 minutes, then we tried to board a flight to Denver (LOL) and then we made it to the right gate and settled in for our flight to Fairbanks which was just over 3 hrs.
 Josiah took his nap.
 Joanna was practically awake the whole time.
 Josiah woke up and played with the touch pad until we landed. We had several people compliment the kids on how quiet and well-behaved they were. Praise God!
 We got to Michael's parents house where we quickly changed clothes for church.
 Josiah ate a sandwich and then we took off.
  When we got to church I got to hold the 2nd sweetest little girl EVA! Ailey let me hold her for a few minutes while Sami held Joanna. Life was good sitting there with my best friend and our little girls, just catching up on "life".
 After Church, Michael's family came over for cake and ice cream to celebrate my husbands 30th birthday.
 Grandpa Case took these pictures for me since I was feeding Joanna at the time. :) Thank you, Grandpa!
 We ate cake and ice cream and then pretty much excused ourselves to go crash.
What a long, wonderful day! More pictures to come! :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Big 3-0!

Happy almost birthday to my wonderful hubby! He turns thirty on Monday so we had a surprise celebration for him Friday night.
 Josiah and I worked on some simple decorations that afternoon.
 This was right before Michael came in the door from work. Josiah shouted out "Surprise! Happy Birthday!"
 Joanna just laid there looking cute.
 Josiah showed Daddy the papers that he colored.
 Little Man was so excited!
 I think I said something like "Happy Birthday, you're grilling your own dinner." :)
 We had steak which he cooked to perfection and I made him some Texas Cheese Tots.
 For dessert, a Publix cupcake!
He didn't have any presents to open because he picked out what he wanted a few weeks prior- a new laptop backpack. :)

Happy Birthday, Hun! We love you!!!!