Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lovin' My Little Family

 The other day Josiah got all excited when he looked at some newspapers that were in my recycle basket. He kept saying 'It matches! It matches!'. I asked him what he was talking about and he went to his room and brought back one of his trucks and held it next to the paper and told me that they match. After giving him a big ole hug I told him that yes indeed they do match. It just amazes me to see his little brain in action.
*I love him!*
 We have switched things up a little bit within the last couple months regarding J's afternoon nap. He gets to have quiet time with a book or two in bed which normally doesn't last long before he falls asleep. My heart melted a bit when I went to check on him and to close his door and found him zonked out with a book still on his chest. Michael had worked all night the night before and he woke up from his nap just in time to see our little guy like this.
 Yesterday, I sprayed him down with the water hose during his outside playtime. He was laughing and running around but he told me he didn't like it. I will MAKE him like water!! He lives in Florida after all!
 But what he does love is to hold the hose and pretend to be a fireman. We would love to find him a fire helmet that he can wear one day... hopefully before he grows out of his love of firemen.
When Michael got home last night, we were outside playing with Josiah's sidewalk chalk. Ok, Josiah was playing with the chalk and I was sitting in a chair being giddy over the fact that in my Winn-Dixie ad there was a coupon I can use at Publix next week. Anywho!

Michael started playing with Josiah and then it turned into pre-school. :) My hubby is so clever! He drew some circles with letters inside them and was having Josiah jump into the circle and yell the letter that was inside. He did some squares with numbers and then some triangles with J's name spelled out in them. Who says learning can't be fun?
I had a baby appointment today. No weight gain in the last two weeks... I start my weekly appointments beginning next week with a sono to check on Tadpole's weight gain since I don't seem to be gaining much weight at all.

Josiah went in with us today and got to hear his sisters heartbeat! :) He was a little shy about it all once the doctor came in. He didn't like how loud the speakers were and just cuddled into Michael the whole time. Afterward, Michael asked him what it sounded like and he said 'bump, bump'. :D 

Only 25 days left unless something changes!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

What's New on the Home Front

So since it has been a long time since I blogged, you get the blessing of a zillion pictures! :)

We had our annual Restorathon at the beginning of March. Josiah loved going up to the radio station for an hour or so, then he drove me nuts because he was so hyper! He got to help Mike P. erase the board and he also got to sit with Daddy while he was 'On Air' but J wasn't feeling very social at that moment.
 Becky came up for a quick visit and we all loaded up and went to lunch together. We only had the little ones but they were all crazy tired that day (which means they were cranky).
Michael had the opportunity to preach the last meeting of this season of Senior Patriots. Josiah was feeling social and actually got on stage with him and 'helped' him out with a balloon.
We started using a chore chart for little man last week. He has been doing a great job at getting his chores done with a good attitude. There was one day that he didn't particularly care to clean up the floor after he made a mess. That seems to be his least favorite chore to do.
 Here Jman is holding his arms up and saying Whooo! He was pretty proud of his work and we tried to make a big deal of being excited so he knew that we were happy with his hard work.
Becky came up this past Friday during the girls' spring break so we could see them and the kids could play.
 Sweet little Emmy!
 Mom and Dad made it over for a little bit to enjoy some grand kid time.
Look what came in the mail today!!! :) Cloth diapers for Tadpole! We ordered a neutral color pack that came with a bonus diaper. Isn't is cute?! My mom helped us out by making this purchase, thanks Nana!
 We wanted to use cloth with Josiah but since we didn't have a washer of our own at the time, and we only washed clothes once a week or sometimes every two weeks, we decided against using them. Lord willing, these will work out great for our family at this time and also help save money in the long run.
Michael has already given me his solemn promise that he is "NOT TOUCHING THOSE THINGS!". So will we will not being using cloth exclusively, especially that first month, but I am hoping that this will cut costs way down! And for the record... they are incredibly soft!

The Lord sent us two HUGE blessings this weekend. Clothes for our kids! We got a giant box of clothes for Josiah and Tadpole got an armload of clothes as well. It is pretty incredible to see how God provides for our every need!

I am sure there are a handful of other things that are noteworthy but my little guy is fixing to wake up... thanks to the dudes who are drilling what I think to be a well. Anyways, its loud. So I am off to finally get that load of laundry out of the dryer! :)

Little man is noq awake and cranky...