Monday, November 29, 2010

Front Door Project

I really do not need to use many words for why we painted our front door. I will let the picture speak for itself.
I know the frame and step would look better in another color but all we have was white so white it is! It still needs another coat but seriously y'all I think it is a major improvement!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, The Case Family

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Shopping Trip

My Publix trip today: $112.55 worth of groceries, paid $32.68. Savings of 71%!
I could have saved another $5 if I had split my transaction up but the store was SUPER busy. I was a retard for shopping 2 days before Thanksgiving. It did not even cross my mind that my normal quiet shopping day would be hectic with screaming children, running teenagers, little old men who were sent on a shopping trip having no clue where anything was at in the store, and of course those who like to park their buggy in the middle of the aisle. Ha! I also can't forget the kid who rang the bell and ran out the door. Classic, I tell you.

I feel for those who work in retail today. I was just happy to make it out the door today with all my toes intact. :) Seriously! When I picked up the turkey the netting ripped off of it!! At least I made the older couple next to me laugh.

I grabbed two unexpected deals today! In my coupon file I found a bogo q for the Uncle Ben's rice which had a bogo sale this week = 2 free boxes of rice! Also, the potatoes that were $1.99 this week had a coupon attached to it for $1 off wyb Breakstones Sour Cream (which was 2/$2, I also had 2 $.55q's) so I paid $2.88 for 2 bags of spuds and 2 sour creams!

We looked at one house last night and two today. We had a huge list we were supposed to look at today, but a bunch of them have sold in the last three days. One house today had some scary looking carpet like someone decided they just felt like spilling something ALL over every inch of carpet in all three bedrooms. Um, no thank you.

The search continues!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This and That

Last night Michael took me out on a date to the Cheesecake Factory! We ate some really yummy food and followed it up with a pumpkin cheesecake with extra whipped cream!
Michael gave me my Christmas present last night as well!!!!!
Yay!!!!! We get to start looking for a house!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, Michael has apparently already been looking and has even went to see a handful but now I get to start as well!
We are praying that the Lord will point us to the house He wants us to be in and in His timing.

Josiah stayed home and had a date with Dannielle & Faith. I think they had a good time because when we got home he came and gave me a hug then went right back to Dannielle and asked to be picked up. :) That little boy is so loved!
I am constantly getting free samples sent to my house. Some of them come in really creative packaging, and some need help in that department. I received this sample yesterday. It made me laugh because it is such a tiny sample for a big package. I rate it a D-.
My shopping trip today went well.       I spent $35 and saved $79.      69% savings
I also bought 5 other items not pictured because they are Christmas gifts! :) Majority of that pasta is being donated for Thanksgiving baskets at our church!
My favorite deals this week were of course the Garden Delight pasta which I had a rain check from a previous week combined with coupons made them free. The Ronzoni Quick Cook pasta was bogo + q's made them $.15 each. The Vigo Rice is bogo stacked with 4 q's, I paid $.15 each for them. The mentos gum is $1 each, I had $1 q's which made them free. I had a free q for the Barilla Plus pasta.  :)

And if anyone has not used their Garden Delight Pasta coupon (SS 10/3) can I have it? I was short four coupons so if I can get ahold of 4 more then I can go back and get more to donate!

I will now end this long post with a picture of my Monkey Child.

Nothing is safe anymore...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Round Up Sunday!

Today at Church was Round Up Sunday! Here was my little cowboy before we left the house.
He was going to wear his Woody costume but it is still too big and I would have had to iron it. :)

There were 148 Cowboys, Cowgirls, and Indians in Jr. Church this morning!

 These two ladies did an awesome job playing a special on the piano for us! The kids cracked me up while they were playing. Several "Ye-haw's" were shouted and a few were riding their pretend ponies and throwing lassos throughout the song.
 Quiet Seat Prize Winners

 This young man won the 'First Prize'. He had the classic "Me? Really? I won?" look on his face when he was pointed out. Gotta love it!
The best part was a handful of kids sought out a worker to find out how they could trust Christ as their Saviour. Praise the Lord for a wonderful day in His House!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Fun Day!

A friend of ours from Alaska was visiting her mother here in Florida this past week. Yesterday she drove up and we spent the day together at the Holy Land Experience!
This was our first time to go here and we had such a nice time together! We were very impressed and really enjoyed the mini dramas that we saw.

One of the mini dramas was performed right here. They re-enacted the death, burial, and resurrection. I was too enthralled and too moved to take pictures while it was going on. It really makes you stop and think about  all that Jesus went through for each of us.
The centurions and other cast members of that play were praying before it was their time to begin acting. I just really thought that that was so cool!

 Here is Mrs. G in the belly of the whale with Jonah. :)

 Look Y'all! It's the serta sheep! lol
 This is an enormous replica! We listen to an archeologist give a 30 minute history lesson. It was so neat because I was able to better understand my head knowledge of this area from what I've learned in church. (I am one of those visual learners.)

It was so refreshing to have a day off just to have fun! We took Mrs. G to the airport this morning and now I am in the midst of cleaning my house. I am terrible about starting one project and moving to the next project without finishing the first one. What is sad is that I don't even realize that I didn't finish project one until I start project four. So I have to start back at the beginning and finish everything. :) At least it gets done... eventually!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Big Boy

When Josiah was getting dressed for church last night he kept asking to wear a hat and kept saying 'raining'. We thought it was so cute, so Michael got out a hat for him to wear. And if you live in our area you already know it rained. My boy is so smart!

He immediately looked like a big boy.

Then when we got to church he went into the toddler room for the first time! He just looked so grown up in that room. Here is his first toddler class coloring sheet.

All of a sudden I feel like my little guy has grown up so much. Michael has even been teaching him to open my car door for me. He gets so excited about it, and I love it! We are so very blessed with our little monkey man!

And now that he is being super quiet, I am going to go investigate...  

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A few pictures from our weekend

Here was the view from our hotel room

These are various pictures from all three of the services that we were there for.

I think Josiah makes a cute little bell hop! :)