Monday, October 28, 2013

Yeehaw! Round Up Sunday!

Yesterday was Round Up Sunday at LBC! It is really one of the highlights of the year for just about everyone. We all dress up with a western flare and have lots of fun.

Before we left for church Michael took the kids outside and let Josiah have a go at cracking the whip. :)

 When we got to church we took care of a few things in our Jr Church building and the kids got to try on the bull head that Michael made out of balloons.

 Then Joanna found one of her friends and they played around with each other for a bit.
 We were able to snag a few pictures before Sunday School started.

 Time for Jr Church! We have the 3rd-5th grade boys and girls. Yesterday there were just under 140 kids! This is the girl side.
 And the boy side. That's my handsome hubby up on stage. ;)
 Ike's Pony Express sign had me giggling! So creative! :)
 After church we went to lunch with Nana and Grandaddy. The waitresses kept bringing all these little treats to the kids.

 I think they had enough sugar to last them for a few weeks. For Real!
It was such a fun day and most importantly there were souls who heard the Gospel and responded. God is so good to allow us to have a part of His ministry.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Josiah Buzz Lightyear, the Patriot Princess and the Glamour Girls

These are the cutest little superheroes I have ever seen! Don't you agree? :)
 Tuesday night was Action Hero Night at Chick-fil-a. The kids who dress up get a free chicken nugget meal. Once again, we are all about free family fun!
 It was also our turn to babysit so Dory and I were texting back and forth that afternoon to coordinate outfits. Shhh! Don't tell anyone but I think I had more fun getting outfits together than an almost 30 year old should have! hehe!
 The kids enjoyed their free meal and had a great time being dressed up. Josiah was excited to see all the other boys and girls all dressed up too. Joanna's favorite part was the cow. She kept waving and saying "hi" and "moo"! SO CUTE!
 Hannah loved the cow unless it moved and then she was scared. As soon as the cow would stop moving she was back to her happy self saying "Hi Cow"! Madison enjoyed her foot and sang and talked the whole time we were there.
When the kids finished eating they went to play.  Michael stayed with them while Madison and I cleaned up our area.
 When we were leaving someone asked us how old our kids were. Michael responded with "He's four, She's 18 months, and them... I haven't got a clue". LOL I stepped in and explained that it was our turn to babysit. Then we had a nice long conversation about how she and a friend used to trade nights when their kids were young. She was a really nice lady and gave us a few ideas of some things that she used to do.
Our Patriotic Princess :)
Michael was teaching her to put her hands on her hips.
 Our "Josiah Buzz Light Year" complete with real live sound effects. :)
It was such a fun and relaxing night. One would think that it would have been insane with four kids under four years of age but they were very well behaved. Even the other kids in the restaurant were well behaved.

A big huge thanks to Chick-fil-a for giving families a great opportunity to make memories with their kids!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Today we were able to go to Bok Tower Gardens for their annual Boktoberfest. They have a very large plant sale, several different vendors, a little animal petting pen, live music and shows, a climbing tree and several other things. The best part is it is FREE! We happen to really like free family days!

 Josiah got to plant an acorn.
 He also got to use this pvc water pump thingy. It shot water out so he thought that was pretty cool.

 Joanna yanked on that poor pigs ear and it didn't even budge.

 When Joanna made it clear that she was ready for her snack I opened her bag and they were MIA! God was so good because we walked right by the kettle corn and they were handing out free samples! So Joanna got her snack after all and that made her very happy.
 The three kids watching Juggles the Clown. heehee

 We met up with friends to have our picnics together and afterwards they played Frisbee.
 Four precious little ones.

 Its their silly picture :)
 Our Family
I was able to buy some local raw honey and a lemon tree! I can't wait to get the tree planted and to have lemons one day! Hopefully!

It was such a nice day out with a slight breeze to keep us from being too hot. We had fun and now we are home and exhausted! Josiah even fell asleep. I would say I am taking the rest of the day off but there is a counter FULL of dirty dishes needing to be washed.


Friday, October 18, 2013

H is for Horse

This week of school has gone by so fast! Here are the kids coloring an animal picture after we read two books about lions and zebras. (Yes, these were the books that were overdue.)
 One of my favorite games from when I was in school is Around the World. Since Josiah doesn't have school mates to play against we play Around the Chairs. ha! When he answers correctly he gets to move to the next chair.
 He moves around the all the chairs and wins when he gets back to his seat. He LOVES playing this game! Mostly because he manages to climb on top of the table at some point.
 We also played a little game with his reading. If he read the word correctly then he got a point and if he didn't then mommy got the point. The prize was a piece of candy. He smoked me! :) I only use candy every once in a while since Josiah tends to be a little hyper active and doesn't need anything to "feed" his activeness. So he was so serious with this game because he really wanted that piece of candy!
 I will throw in now the funniest thing that happened today. We started learning about the letter 'K'. There was a little poem I read-

"K Animals"

Kitten, Koala, Kangaroo,
Which "K" animals
Live in the zoo?

Kitten, Koala, Kangaroo-
Which would you rather live with you?

He answered the first question right and then when we got to the last one he gets this weird look on his face and says, "a dog." I laughed so hard and he had no clue why I thought it was funny. haha!
Today we really started to work with a clock. Josiah has this fabulous Melissa and Doug clock that was gifted to him a while ago from his Godparents. It is perfect for school!
I love educational toys for their dual purpose. I mean its a toy and he has played with it as a toy, but now that we are using it for school Josiah thinks he is getting to play. Playing and learning, gotta love it! :)
During Bible Time on Saturday night Michael was teaching about commandments and used driving as an example. If you don't follow the road rules you crash. He had a little road (painters tape) with arrows (which you can't see in the pictures) pointing which way you can go.
 I think they had a lot fun with this activity. :) We left the tape down and Jman and Lady J has enjoyed playing with cars this week. I will hear J tell his sister to not go the wrong way and to obey all the commandments.
Thanks for stopping by this weeks' school post. I know our homeschooling adventure does not interest most people but I love looking back and reading just what we have done and remember the crazy things he says. It really has been an adventure. This marks 10 weeks already! While trying to fall asleep last night the thought hit me that Josiah turns five in just three months. How on earth do I have an almost five year old? Time is just flying by!