Friday, September 27, 2013

E is for Elephant

This week in school we worked on ordinal numbers. He had fun filling in the blanks. Of course he has to write his numbers as big as he can. :)
 Drawing his version of a dragonfly with a few extra legs all placed on the head. :)
 One day this week I was explaining a paper to him and he stops me and says "Mommy, when you are talking to me can you please say 'class'?" So in my best teacher voice I said "Class, pick up your pencils." I was rewarded with a huge grin and a quiet "Thanks, Mom."
 Josiah had his first actual test in Phonics today. He did so well! :)
I will leave you with a little something that made me giggle today. While trying to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Josiah said "And to the Publix for which it stands". ;)
Haha! I love my little monkey!

Week 7: Complete! 

Monday, September 23, 2013


I think my daughter has a serious love of shoes. I mean she loves her shoes but she is obsessed with other peoples shoes. I think she is going to really enjoy playing dress up as she gets older!

I have a feeling she is going to be one of those girls with a matching shoe for every outfit. ;)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Musical Baby Shower

Last night there was a baby shower for one of the ladies in our church. I had so much fun preparing for this shower. The mommy to be is a music lover and she is naming her little girl Melody so I had fun incorporating as much music as possible.

Once again I intended to take pictures during the shower but once ladies start arriving my mind is going so fast with what comes next that I never remember to take pictures. We had a nice group of ladies turn out and I had so many ladies pitch in and help at various times which was a HUGE blessing!

 We used toy instruments and sheet music as table decor. I had two dear friends allow us to borrow some of their toys for the evening. Another lady popped in before church and filled all the balloons for me and tied them to the table.

 I attempted making my first banner. I didn't really measure anything so some of the pennants were different sizes. haha
 My attempt at a sandwich piano. Note to self never try this again with "squishy" sandwiches. The jewish rye bread was pimento cheese and it just squished out when I cut it. haha It was a little messy. :) I forgot to take a picture of the cheese and pepperoni tray- some of the cheese pieces were in note shapes.
 And the cake! :)
Once again I had ladies who volunteered to help clean up. They washed and dried all the dishes for me! Then others helped collect all the table decor. Then a huge thank you (from my back!) to Dory for also doing the vacuuming for me!!! I really appreciate all the help cleaning up as well as all the ladies who brought food.

What a lovely evening we had showering love on Sister in Christ! I can't wait to meet baby Melody! :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

D is for Dog

This week Josiah learned about the letters 'B' and 'N' as well as how to write them. We worked a lot with the blends this week as well.

Something exciting happened on Tuesday! He read his first word! It was amazing how it happened. I had the blend 'BA' laid out in front of him and then the letter 't'. I told him we were going to learn to read our first word together and started to explain that we sound out the blend first. 

Well, Joanna decided that she was not happy about something and started crying. I had to stop explaining to go pick her up and was trying to calm her down when I hear Josiah sound out the blend and then say the blend and then add the 't' to the end. I looked at him with my jaw dropped as he yells out with a huge smile "BAT! Mom! It's the word BAT!!!!" 

(Reciting "Left Rabbit, Right Rabbit' poem. Joanna had to hold up her bunny ears too!)
Josiah has been asking to learn about butterfly's recently so when we were at the library this week I picked a few books out. I read one of them to him yesterday and he was glued to the pages! I would read a page and then ask him a question and he was able to spout off the answer right away. Daddy was even impressed that he could still remember everything last night before bed. 

Next week we will learn about dragonflies (another Josiah request). He wants to know how they defend themselves. Hopefully the books I grabbed will give us the answer! 

(Playing a learning game with "Henrietta". Why did I tell J that hens name? Then he had to name each chick before he put it on the nest.)

Josiah said his favorite thing about school this week was saying "The Pledge of America". Joanna even stopped and tried to hold her hand on her heart. My favorite was him reading his first word!

Week 5: Complete!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Field Trip to the Farm!

Wednesday we were able to sneak away for Josiah's field trip before the groupon expired. We took the kids to Green Meadows Farm. It was actually very mild weather so we were able to really enjoy being outdoors rather than being completely miserable due to the heat and humidity.

At first I was planning just to add a few photos to the weekly school post but then decided that choosing just a few photos was going to be too hard. So here is a separate post with lots of pictures! 
 Getting ready to hold a baby duck and a baby chick.
 Joanna kept trying to squeeze the poor ducklings head so Michael had to be very deliberate in helping her pet the duck.
 Checking out the pigs

 The kids got to feed them a lettuce leaf.
 The goats were a favorite of the day. Joanna especially loved them and had no fear of running up to them and smacking them on the back.

 After petting them we came out of the pen and got a chance to feed them. Josiah was a little cautious of them getting the food out of his hand and he ended up dropping most of the feed on the ground. Joanna on the other hand didn't flinch.
 Josiah and a chicken
 Joanna and her chicken
 She was so gentle with that chicken!
 The duck that pooped on Michael. LOLOLOLOLOL
 Hay Ride

 Pony Rides

Us trying to take a family photo. lol
 On a train ride
We had lots of fun but we were all wiped out and didn't actually finish the tour. Michael and I had fun testing Josiah on the color of all the animals and asking what letter sounds he heard in their names. :) 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Crime Scene Investigation

It is what no one wants to walk upon... a murder scene. Pure devastation. I quickly began an investigation after the horror of the scene fully registered in my brain.
 Mrs. Bear, with her last final breath, pointed me to another clue.
 The crime trail was easy to follow. I came upon the suspect and apprehended her.
 She is now behind bars. She is better known to the community as "THE PRINCESS".
 The Princess was sentenced to bread and water with a chance of yogurt later on.
Unfortunately there seems to be no remorse. So fellow citizens keeps your eggs under lock and key. THEY AREN'T SAFE WITH THE PRINCESS AROUND!!!!
Mrs. Bear is being detained for sanitation purposes. There is a high chance she will be released within the week.

 Case Closed.

Friday, September 6, 2013

C is for Cow

Well, plans got changed at the last minute so our "special" day didn't happen this week. We hope it happens this coming week especially since our groupon expires on the 15th! :)

On to our week of school- 
This is Josiah first time writing his name in cursive. He has been tracing it for the last few weeks and he did really well for it being his first time! 
 This week he began learning to writing two letters linked together.
 Joanna sat in my lap watching him do his work yesterday. She would rest her chin on my desk and just stare. She is so cute how she tries to repeat the sound of the letters we are learning.
 We introduced blend cards this week and J has surprised me with how well he has picked up on his blends. So far we have learned 'T' and 'L' blends. I think the blends challenge him to listen for the 'e' and 'i' sounds. He has started distinguishing them so much better since the blends.

Yesterday I would show him a blend card and he would sound it out then read the blend. If he was correct then he got to put a piece of Bozo the Clown's face on. The way J put the ears on made me think it was a scary clown pig. :)
Josiah also got to spend some time with Daddy yesterday and ended up sitting in on the K5 class at the school. Josiah was so excited and told me all about being there and how he liked it and that he got to play with puzzles when the kids left. He cracked me up when he corrected me later in the day that he went to two schools and not just one. I was informed by the teacher that the only time he misbehaved was during a little "test" and he called out the right answer. LOL I wonder if five year olds know how to cheat yet. haha!

This week of school went by fast! It was also probably the best week we've had so far. I am feeling more comfortable and Josiah is getting into the routine. Joanna is also finding her routine as well. She actually spent most of the time playing or listening to us. I only had to put her in her room to play once or twice! 

I love listening to Michael go over Josiah's school work with him. Just ignore the fact that my son doesn't match. He dresses himself. ha!

Week 4: Complete! :)