Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What a Year!

It's hard to imagine that another year has come and gone... again. Some years seem to drag by but 2013- you have flown by so fast! This was our family a year ago.

 And our family now.
 Joanna turned one this year and is growing daily. She is talking up a storm lately. My favorite words/phrases to hear her say are awesome (awshum), I got you (I gotchew), Thank you Josiah (tank ew Siah), and Love you (ew too!). She loves to climb, play in the dirt, dress up with "pretties", and carry her purse.
 Josiah is just days away from turning the big 5! He started kindergarten this year and is learning so much. He amazes us daily with how his brain works. He loves legos, music, and being read to. He is very curious and whenever he comes across something he doesn't understand he asks a million questions.

 Michael and I celebrated seven years of marriage! Oh, how we enjoy life together.
 I love to read, blog, scrapbook, cook, and watch my birds. Michael loves to play with anything that is electronic. He is a geek through and through.
The year had its ups and downs, twists and turns, and as I look back it was quite a ride. I am so thankful to have shared another year with the people I love. I look forward to sharing the next year with my family.

Cherishing every moment I'm given.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Across the Miles

After naps on Christmas day we Skyped with Michael's parents who are missionaries in Fiji.
 We talked for a bit and then the kids opened the gifts that were mailed to them.

 Following Church that night we went to J and Jo's Godparents house so they could open a few more gifts.
 It was an impromptu meeting and it was just nice to chit chat with dear friends. They even fed us!

What a lovely Christmas we had with our friends and family. Thankfully the kids let us sleep in a bit on Thursday morning to recover from all the activities. :) We are truly blessed to have made sweet memories with our kids.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Let the Spoiling Continue

We headed to my parents house around lunch time to have Christmas with them and my sister's family. We really missed my brother's family being with us this year!

Lunch Time- Fried Turkey, Ham, and all the fixings.

All the kids had a blast opening presents.

 Josiah got a new castle lego set that he has been wanting for a while now.

 One of Joanna's favorite things was a baby stroller! 

 Emelyn was so cute when she started reading to her baby. 

Hubby and Me :)
Both kids were SO EXHAUSTED by the time we left my parents house. Joanna threw a fit when her stroller was put in the back. We tried to keep the peace with our tired princess and moved it to right beside her seat.
When we got home both of the kids laid down for a much needed nap! They were SO tired especially Josiah even though he tried to deny it. :) Mommy was tired too and very thankful for an hour of quiet and a bit of rest.

Next (and last) Post - Christmas with Skype and then the Godparents. :)

Sweet Excitement

After breakfast was done and the kids were dressed we started the festivities with them opening their stockings.

 We take opening our gifts very slow. One person opens one gift at a time; when they are done they go find a present for someone else to open. We want the kids to learn to enjoy others opening gifts, watching their face, sharing in the joy.

 My favorite gift for Michael! :) I asked Emily, a teen in our church, to draw this and she did a FABulous job! I think my favorite part is the hearts on top of the Android! haha!

 I can't help but quote... "I'm a beautiful butterfly!"

 This is the gift that I tripped over a few weeks back and then the lady gave it to me! Joanna LOVED it!

 This picture just makes me laugh!
 My heart is all melty.
 Both kids got new toothbrushes and Lady J is in love with hers. It is so cute when she asks "teeth?" Then she runs to the bathroom and get on the stool and yells at you until you come brush her teeth.
Michael and I were so blessed this year! We were able to spend a total of $40 on all the gifts for the kids! Thank you, yard sales! Josiah's big gift was a basketball hoop which I didn't take a picture of because when we were supposed to be surprising Josiah with it, Michael surprised me with a new-to-me bike!!!!!!

On Thursday, I went for my first official bike ride since I was about ten. Just a note of warning... don't go for a mile and a half bike ride if you haven't been on a bike in almost 20 years.You will hurt.

Next Post - Christmas at Nana's and Grandaddy's!