Friday, December 23, 2011

Pictures and a Quick Update

 These first few pictures were taken at our Hill Family Christmas party last weekend.
 My brother's oldest son played the piano a little bit while the other boys played the bells and Josiah was on the tambourine while the rest of us tried to sing a couple carols. :)
 I seriously think Josiah is going to play the piano when he gets older. He loves music and he adores playing the piano.
 My little guy during nap time.
 Yesterday we made Christmas cookies!

 He was a mess!!!

Josiah showing off his nativity scene that he and Daddy put together during Bible Time. He has been learning about the Christmas story and memorizing Isaiah 9:6. I hope to get a video of him quoting it soon.

The Lord has given us so many blessings recently. Michael was given an extra side job this week. Which was a financial blessing with the doctor bills that we are trying to do as Dave Ramsey says and RUN! BABY! RUN! With Gazelle Intensity! lol I just had to throw that in there for all you Dave Fans. :)

But seriously, We have seen God provide several little side jobs to help out with our 'baby expenses' as well as several wonderful financial department people who encourage us and one who actually told us not to worry because God will provide! (How cool is that!)

Another big blessing is that we have had two meals provided for us. Two different families just being completely huge blessings to us. Blessings, not just because I didn't have to cook dinner but that Michael didn't have to cook dinner (since I'm sick). Since there are no more frozen pizzas in the house it could have been scary. One of those meals was a smoked ham. Praise Jesus! It was delish! Sometimes I feel so spoiled! The Lord has definitely been good.

That's all for now!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life In General

It is incredibly hard for my brain to comprehend that Thanksgiving was two weeks ago. Seriously Y'all, the month of December is flying by and its only the 8th! Tis the Season!
 We have been blessed with so many clothes for Josiah over the last year. It has been such an answer to prayer that we haven't had to buy much of anything as far as clothing goes for our little man. This is a suit that was given to us and I am telling you Josiah looked like he grew two inches in between taking his spiderman pajamas off and putting on that suit coat.
He kept telling us that he looked like a preacher man. It was so cute! Then right before we walked out the door to head to church he panicked and was afraid that he would have to preach that morning. He is such a nut!! He does pretend he preaches sometimes at home which is so precious to watch, he basically just says his memory verses and then says Amen!
We also went to a birthday party at the park at some point in time. Josiah goes for the cupcake. End of story.
The next big thing we did was put up our Christmas decorations. Well, that is after we cleaned the garage. Going through boxes is NOT fun, but we were able to get so much accomplished while Josiah took a nap. I was in what I call the "Purge Mood". I was trying to get rid of stuff that we no longer needed and we ended up making a nice yard sale pile which I hope to have a yard sale in January.
When Josiah woke up we started putting the ornaments on the tree. Little man loved it but I was kinda frantic because he kept grabbing my pretty breakable ornaments. Shockingly I only found two ornaments that had broken sometime between being stored last year and our move over the summer.

He calls everything Christmas now. Stuffed animals... My Christmas! A present... My Christmas! The tree... It's Christmas. BUT if he sees a house with lights on the outside it's... A Present!
Josiah having a blast with his trains that we pulled out of storage. Nothing like old toys that he hasn't seen in 6 months...
Ah, yes then it was the College Winter Banquet. We had a nice night but I was so tired by the end of the night.
We were at Sonny's for Sunday lunch and my Grandparents came in to eat with my Uncle for his birthday. Josiah finagled his way to their table after we ate and sat between them. Josiah is a blessed little guy to know two sets of Great Grandparents!
Then this Wednesday we found out that our new little one is a girl! We are so happy!!! :) She currently weighs 10 ounces and her heartbeat was 149.

As some of you know we gave Josiah a nickname after we had his ultrasound. He was dubbed "Squirmy Worm". And we still call him that from time to time. Well after our appointment was over yesterday Michael also came up with her new nickname... She will be our Little Tadpole! :)

We are so excited! The Lord has been so good to us. I am looking forward to meeting our little girl and watching Michael become mush when he holds her for the first time!

To finish this crazy week off we have a pre-admission appt. at the hospital tomorrow followed by the school Christmas play, and Sunday is the Church Cantata. Then my in-laws fly back to Alaska, my best friend in Alaska will fly here to Florida and Saturday is a family Christmas party. I just might find myself coming when I should be going or vice versa. lol

Peace Out. I'm going to go turn my brain off for a few minutes.