Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip

Spent: $35.59 Saved: $87.65 or 71%

I had a free product coupon for the yogurt and one for one coke (they were on sale Buy2get1 so I only had to pay for 1!) The Sominex, Phazyme and Sundrop Soda were all free. The soda is bogo this week and there is a bogo q in the Publix Yellow Flyer. I payed $4.47  for all 6 of the Marie Callender's meals(74 cents each). It makes a great lunch for Michael when I forget to have one ready for him in the mornings- which is more often than I care to admit. I will also be sending in a rebate form for the Red Baron Pizza ($5).

I plan on making another trip to Publix before the sale ad ends to pick up diapers and more soda. On Targets website they have a $3 off Huggies coupon that is a man. q!!! So if you need diapers its a great coupon to pair up with the $3 Publix coupon. I plan on buying 2 boxes then submitting it for the $10 Publix gift card rebate.

I am looking forward to Anniversary Sunday tomorrow! It is going to be a CrAzY, WONDERFUL day! Praying for Souls to come to know the Lord as their personal Savior! 

Beyond Blessed, 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pictures Really are Worth a Thousand Words

Thomas! Lookee here! Smile!
Larry Thomas Ruse the... is he the 2nd or 3rd? (Husband gives me a look) Nevermind. Hey... Kid, sit down!
Josiah Robert Case sit down! Thomas leave your shoe alone. Oh, Come on!
Smile! Look at Mommy... and Aunt Nicole.
Josiah!!!!!!!! Get off your cousin!!!!
(Whistle) Look here Thomas. Josiah can you smile for Mommy?
No, not a goofy smile. Just smile. Really child. How hard can this be.
Stop that. Look at me and smile nice.
Yeah, well I'm done too!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Josiah!

Two years ago this little guy came into our lives.
He is not so little anymore.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Josiah!
We love you!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Camera Crazy w/ a Princess

So today I was unleashed for a few minutes with an awesome camera and my new little niece. So I am definitely not going to start working for Anne Geddes but I had fun playing around!

On another note the stomach bug has hit our house. Thomas woke up last night throwing up and had his last 'episode' in my truck no more than a mile away from Becky's house. After Josiah woke up from his nap he just wanted to sit still and be held. So it was no shocker when on the way home no more than a mile from my house that Josiah had his 'episode'. I am hoping that that is the end of it. My lysol can has had a work out in the last two weeks.

That's all for now,

Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Angel Baby

 Emelyn Mae Ruse

 Emelyn and her favorite Aunt! ;)
Emelyn and her beautiful Mommy!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip

I decided to go shopping early for the new Publix ad since the beginning of next week is going to be busy for us. Can I just say that this sale ad is REALLY good!
Spent: $24.32  Saved: $88.53 or 78%
I was blessed to be able to use the rest of a gift card so I only had to pay $15 for $112 worth of groceries!
Completely free items with overage this week: Peter Pan peanut butter, Special K cereal, and Swiss Miss!
I always love my free stuff but I am super happy about the bogo turkey burger. We love turkey at our house and we were completely out so this was an extra special blessing.
 Josiah finished his lunch and decided to help out Thomas.
The J-anator

I am looking forward to seeing my sister and new niece tomorrow!! I think I might have a few pictures to share when I get home. :)

Peace, Love, & Chicken Grease,

Thursday, January 6, 2011


My sister gave birth to beautiful baby girl yesterday. Emelyn weighs 8lbs 3oz and I think she was 21in but I am going off of my memory on that one. So for the next however many days we have a house guest.

The boys have been tearing the place apart and loving every minute of it. I won't even mention the screaming like wild hyenas- that just comes with the territory.
I am hoping to be able to go see my sister and new niece this weekend, but for now I am going to go crawl in bed and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Peace Out.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip... Sorta

Today I went into CVS to grab two deals that I was excited about.
First I did the Excedrin transaction. I had two free product coupons that I have been saving and I am SO glad I did! It worked beautifully with this deal, and as an added bonus one of the boxes had a free sample attached!
I paid $4.98 out of pocket and saved $16.98.
PLUS, I received $10 in ECB's!

Next I did the Wisk transaction. Using the $10 ecb's plus another $5 ecb from a previous week I paid $1.75 out of pocket and saved $43.95! PLUS, I received another $10 in ECB's!

Then I went to Walmart and found these two beauties for $2.50 each.
They have a lot of these dresses left if anyone is interested (Winter Haven WM -by the leftover Cmas decor). I always grab kids clothing when they are deeply discounted like this.
Then as I was opening my truck to load the groceries into it, one of the Wisk bottles fell out and broke. Laundry detergent went EVERYWHERE! One foot was COVERED in Wisk- please bear in mind that I had on flip flops. Eww! (My foot is still sticky)
Josiah kept saying "Aww, Man" over and over as he looked at the mess. I tried cleaning the bottle as best as I could and then put it inside a grocery bag and packed the groceries around it so it couldn't tip over and spill.

Well, I get home and guess what- as I unloaded those same groceries I knocked it over and spilled it again.
 I cleaned it up a little bit, but I gave up. There is still laundry detergent on the inside and outside of my truck.  I am hopeful that it will rain and wash it off.

Surprisingly enough there is still half a bottle left over.
With what spilled at Walmart and then what spilled when I got home I thought for sure it would be empty. So, to celebrate I did a load of laundry with it.

I am super excited that tomorrow my sister is having baby Emelyn! I REALLY wish I was over this flu thing so I could go cuddle her. But I don't want her to be exposed to my germs so I shall wait a few more days then go cuddle and spoil her extra!

Smelling wiskfully good,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years Day!

I blew my nose rang in the new year with a cough from home this year. It has been a long time since I've had to miss our Church's Watch Night Service. My hubby was wonderful to fill me in on what happened though, especially the really good news that we made our Missions Goal for 2010!
Josiah has had this weird attachment to his hat the last few days.
It is hard not to laugh at him when its sitting on his head so awkward looking.
He had one of his 'I'm growing up' moments yesterday. He found a plastic grocery bag and gasped. Then he ran to my room and I could hear him making noise so I grabbed my camera and peeked to see what he was doing with that bag.
 His Daddy has trained him well! He took out the old bag which was full of trash and was replacing it with the new bag. I think at this point I did a little "one less chore for me" dance of joy.
He took about three minutes to get the bag in the trash can just the way he wanted it, and he kept moving the can around thinking it would help the bag go in, I guess. Either way, it was cute and we clapped our hands and shouted YAY! I think I was a little too excited because he looked at me and turned and walked away.
I love how he put the can right back where it was to begin with. Do you like the finished bag job? lol I had to modify it just a bit. 

Happy First Day of 2011!