Tuesday, September 14, 2010

20 Months

Josiah you are 20 months old today.

You love to be silly and make a mess when you eat.

Your favorite food is macaroni & cheese or just plain cheese. You get your love of cheese from both me and your daddy. You also love yogurt as well as watermelon.

You are drawn to all electronics! It kinda reminds me of someone else I know.

You love playing with Daddy even when you are the only one doing the playing.

You enjoy going outside so much. Your favorite thing to do is to slide down the slide then to walk back up it. I don't think you ever get tired of this.

You've been sleeping fairly well. You had a rough night last week due to that new tooth that just broke through your gum. I remember when I thought you'd never have any teeth and now you have a mouth full!

This was what you looked like last year. You had just recently learned to stand up and now you are running all over the place and I can hardly keep up with you.

I love you, Little Man!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Why I Love Publix

Because Publix loves kids!

Little man charmed the socks off of my cashier and the girl who bagged my groceries today. He chit chatted with them the whole time and he totally loved it when the cashier gave him a sticker. Which he so independently put it on his shirt all by himself.

As we were leaving Josiah decided to seal the deal by saying thank you of his own accord. Of course, that earned a collective 'AWW!' from the girls but what totally cracked me up was the elderly gentleman behind us in line. After Josiah said thank you the man looked at me as serious as could be and told me I needed to buy Josiah an ice cream bar! 

Here's my loot today.

$74.33 worth of groceries and I paid $31.65.

Thanks to my sweet neighbor Lori who gives me her baby club coupons she is not going to use, I was able to score ALL the baby food for free plus $.20 overage. (I'm cool with that!) The makeup sponges were free with a penny overage also! Hey- every penny counts right?!

The only items I paid full price for was milk and eggs. 

I hope everyone will be able to come to the coupon workshop  tomorrow night @ 7pm in the LBC Village Chapel ($10 class fee)! I am looking forward to learning more so I can see my savings rise, my pay out lower, and my shopping cart overflowing! 

Hope to see you tomorrow!