Friday, February 28, 2014

S is for Socks

 The last two weeks we have been focused on math. We tried out a new game which Josiah enjoyed so much that he told Joanna she just HAD to come play with him. :)
 I took some orange and blue squares and wrote numbers on them. Josiah took two of the squares and threw them one at a time, whatever number it landed on became part of an addition problem. He then had to write the equation on his doodle pad and solve it.

Another fun thing we did was use a velcro ball and target that I got at a yard sale for 10 cents. (Excuse Joanna's mess of books.)

 Josiah's reading continues to improve. We are using a little sticker chart to encourage him. For every book he finishes he gets a sticker and when it fills up he gets to buy a new book.
 One day the curriculum suggested using cars helping solve addition problems with a missing addend. He got crazy excited. It really worked for him but man alive he could not sit still for the rest of school.
Week 26: Complete!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Cutest Kids on the Block

I thought is was time for a picture post again. Sharing pictures is my way of reminding myself I am blessed even when I just want to sit down and complain about my problems. :)

The kids LOVE stickers. Josiah was given a huge book of stickers for Christmas. One particularly rough day for me I pulled them out and let the kids go crazy with them. They ended up playing with those stickers for 45 minutes! Their creative play was rather impressive.

Joanna is cutting two molars and an incisor this week. Her poor gums are so swollen and red. She refused breakfast one morning and I later I found that one of the molars finally made it through. Poor girl had a couple of miserable days. At least she is finally getting some more teeth!
Joanna sporting her dress from Fiji :)
Josiah was excited that he was getting to watch movies.We've done a lot of that the last two weeks.

Another instance of what havoc this little girl can cause in three minutes time.

Thanks for stopping by to see my pictures and to keep me from complaining. ;) I have so many reasons to thank God.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Peek Into My Day

Outside my window: A new picnic table! This was part of Josiah's birthday gift from his Grandparents. The boys put it together and stained it over the weekend.

I am thinking: that my kids are growing up too fast.

I am thankful: for my my incredible husband. He has had to do a lot of my chores the last couple weeks due to my back issues. He hasn't complained a bit!

In the kitchen: I made Taco Salad for supper tonight. Josiah was so excited; I believe his words were "AWESOME!" Very few five year olds get excited about salad. :)

I am wearing: my comfy clothes.

I am creating: I am very slowly working on Joanna's baby scrapbook. I mean very. very. slowly.

I am wondering: if my Pinterest cleaning experiment will actually work.

I am reading: Serious Reading- "You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes" by Lisa McKay
                        For Fun: Too many to list. haha
                       To Josiah: "Lions at Lunchtime" by Mary Pope Osborne

I am hoping: that my back and hips will cooperate with me so I can be a part of Restorathon next week.

A quote for today: "As your children grow older, give them projects to do that are beyond their current experience. CHALLENGE THEM- vocationally, physically, and spiritually. This is what lies ahead of them in life, challenges that are beyond what they have already accomplished. Get them used to working hard for a goal and then enjoying the feeling of success and the confidence that they can achieve anything the Lord Jesus calls then to do."

I am looking forward to: Our date night this coming Tuesday!!!!! Michael is taking me to a concert and I can't wait!!!!

I am learning: Pilates.

Around the house: We got final measurements done today to fence in our yard! Happy dance... with my fingers because moving anything else hurts. hehehe

I am praying for: Eli, Max, and Wayne.

My plans for the week: are to heal and try not to go stir crazy until then. :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

R is for Rose

The last two weeks of school have been a bit crazy. Between hospital visits, chiropractor appointments, and an eye appointment we have mastered getting school done a bit by bit everyday. Josiah was great at being flexible.
 He enjoyed having a phonics lesson while holding his sword one day last week. haha!
 I always enjoy his drawing exercises. I love to see what he comes up with for each word. The mop picture is of our steam mop and bubbles. I had to laugh that the cake had five candles and that he carried over his "birthday cake" thought to the word nine. He drew a person and then drew a line to the number. He told me that the boy had a birthday too. :)
 Writing the twins.
 This morning we did a simple math exercise that he really seemed to like once he got the hang of it.  
Josiah went with me to the Chiro twice this week. He was extremely fascinated with Sammy the Skeleton that was in the office. We picked up books about the skeleton at the library so he can learn more about the skeletal system. The second time we were at the chiro we told the doctor about getting the books and he was so sweet to talk with Josiah briefly about the bones.

He also got a quick lesson yesterday on how a printer operates when Michael took him to work for a couple hours. I love the things he is able to learn by just experiencing life. I won't pretend that its always fun to answer one hundred questions everyday, but its worth it to stop and let him figure things out.

It is amazing the amount of information this child soaks up. Even if he doesn't understand what someone says the first time, he files that info away and then can spout every bit of it back at you when he finally connects the dots. :)

Week 24: Complete!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Joanna's Hospital Adventure

We've had quite the adventurous week. One of those "adventures" was taking Joanna to the children's hospital in Tampa.

She does this thing where she smacks her head and then has a seizure. The first time it happened was about 6 months ago. After a call to our doctor he assured us she was fine. Then it happened on Saturday. We followed everything we were told to do and watch for. She was fine. Then it happened again Tuesday night.

Two seizures in just a few days really scared us. We called our doctor and he suggested getting her checked out the following morning as a precaution due to the frequency. He said it might be over kill but it would be a good idea to have a children's ER doctor check her out.

We had some fabulous nurses and doctor check her out. They were so nice and they were great with Joanna. The final "diagnosis" is that she is holding her breath after she hits her head which causes her to pass out momentarily. When a child wakes up from passing out it is common for them to have a small seizure.

They said it is nothing to be concerned over unless she throws up, bleeds, or acts differently when she wakes up. Although it is extremely frightening it does no harm (except to Mommy and Daddy's heart).

Joanna was such a good girl! Every time someone told her to be still she obeyed and she was not scared of anything. She really thought it was a grand adventure.
She liked waving to people underneath the curtain. haha! The nurse who did an EKG on her brought her all kinds of prizes for being still during the test. :) Jo was so excited!

The ride home felt like it took forever. I'm glad I didn't have to drive in that traffic.
Poor thing was so worn out. We all were truthfully.
Jo and I stayed home from church because I could barely keep my eyes open. I obviously didn't get much sleep the nights she had her seizures.
We were both in bed before 8pm. :)
We are so thankful that it is not something worse. They said she should grow out of it by the time she is 4 or 5. I'm praying it never happens again.

I'm thinking the helmet that a nurse jokingly suggested is a FABulous idea. :)