Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Day

 We were able to score 2 free tickets to Explorations V Children's Museum over in Lakeland during a promotion a while back. We headed over there Saturday to have some family fun.

 Josiah has a big fascination with all things to do with fire trucks and fire fighters.

 He got to shop in "Publix" which he absolutely loved but he did not like that the milk jug was empty. :)
 He bought lots of steaks "for a party" lol

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures!

Game Night

 Friday night we had a few friends over for dinner and games. We played Cranium for the first time.
This is supposed to be a cheerleader made out of "modeling clay".

 This is my not so wonderful attempt at drawing with my eyes closed, but at least I can say that at least my girls figured it out. :) It's supposed to be "slam dunk".
 The scrum-dilly-icious desserts that Mike & Jen brought.

We had a great time and laughed so much! I also have short video clips of a flyswatter, back stage dancer, zombie, and a husband/wife humming duet of Indiana Jones... but I don't want to start WW3 with the back stage dancer so I will refrain from posting them. :)

We also got in a round of Buzz Word. And I am incredibly happy to announce that the GIRLS WON both games! 


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cherry Limeade, Anyone?

It might not be as good as Sonic's Cherry Limeade but its a close second! :) I made this one a little too lime-y but I will get the right proportions down eventually. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Publix Shopping Trip

Spent: $17.12  Saved: $38.09 or 69%

I am very pleased that my savings were high despite the fact I had to buy eggs, milk, and half & half ($8.67) that were not on sale. :) Its crazy to think that 3 staple items cost about the same amount as everything else.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Big Blessing

Michael and I have always desired to get an alarm system, especially with the crazy hours we keep. However, have you seen the prices of alarm systems? So we never really gave it more than a passing conversation. There were other things that we need to take care of before sinking $1,300 into an alarm system.

We never gave it another thought until Saturday when we had a man from ADT stop by the house and GIVE us a system! Crazy, huh?

The man is from the advertising department with ADT and they authorize him to give away X amount of systems for advertising purposes.

He had driven past our house and then stopped and came back because he saw our Gospel 90.3 bumper stickers on our cars. He is a Christian himself and explained that the company is founded with Christian people and he felt led to come back to our house and be a blessing to our family.

I can't tell you all that happened because I can't remember it all but after we looked at our budget to see if we could afford the monthly bill he gave us an alarm system!

We did actually pay some money because we wanted the fire and smoke alarm as well which he got it for a discount for us. He also waved the normal $99 fee for activation!

The installation guy came today and got it all hooked up. He even swept up his own mess!! :) 

See my beautiful new sign!!!

It is so neat to see how God provides things for us when we never thought to ask Him about it. It was a good reminder to us that God is not limited by budgets and bank accounts.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip

Spent: $35.46  Saved: $39.48 or 53%
I 'guesstimate' that I saved an extra $10 off the original price of all the clearance meat I grabbed today! Which would make my savings closer to 60% YAY! :)
I am also sending in for a $5 gift card for purchasing the Eggo products! Which would end up looking like I paid $.10 for all 6 boxes! :)

I am pleased with my trip this week especially finding ground turkey on clearance! We LOVE ground turkey! I feel like I am getting back into the grove of things again, which feels really good.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hair Cut Picture

My Mom's new hairdo (gotta love cell phone pics with the light glares!)

And my new hairdo... All I did this morning was run a brush through it :)
Josiah being silly at lunch yesterday
 And I had to share this picture from this morning. Michael and Josiah mowing the lawn together. Daddy even had to rinse J's mower off too. :)
Happy Labor Day Weekend!