Sunday, February 27, 2011

Restorathon 2011

Restorathon 2011 was WONDERFUL! Just over $217,000 was raised to keep Gospel 90.3 on the air another year! Praise the Lord! I am so thankful and beyond blessed that we have a local radio station that plays God-honoring music!  I count it a privilege that I can turn the radio on hear some good gospel music at any time of the day. I pray we never take it for granted.

While looking at my pictures I thought about Josiah's first Restorathon when he was just a little over a month old. It is crazy how time really does fly. I thought I'd share with you all a few pictures from each year. Those awesome shirts that J is wearing was lovingly made by a dear friend/relative. When I say lovingly, I mean he stayed up late at night to do it when he should have been sleeping. (And I am kinda bummed that I didn't get a good picture of them together this year.)  

Restorathon 2009

 Restorathon 2010

 Restorathon 2011

God is so good!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip

I am totally lovin' the Viva Italia! Sale @ Publix!

Please no snooty comments, but I made three trips to Publix this week. It would have only been two but my store of choice was out of some items, so when I was in Haines City I ran into that store to pick up the rest of my stuff. I don't normally do this but the sale was totally worth it.

Trip #1
Spent: $10.41  Saved: $36.78 or 78%

Trip #2
Spent: $11.26  Saved: $103.23 or 90%

Trip #3
Spent: $16.33  Saved: $51.93 or 76%
Please note that I would not have bought that fruit, except I need it for a fruit platter. I did have a coupon for $3 off fruit which paid for the apples, but the honeydew ($3.69) and grapes (2.69) were a little pricey since it was not a good sale for them. But I am so tired of buying fruit and veggies at Walmart and they start to mold or turn soft within a day or two. (Publix has totally spoiled me) If I didn't need to buy the fruit my total would have been under $10. And have you seen the price of milk lately??? Man, to think if I didn't buy those two fruits or the milk I would have only had to pay about $6! But, I love me some milk. :)
It makes me feel better having said that. :)

Grand Total
Spent: $38.00  Saved: $191.94 or 83%

Did anyone else take advantage of this sale ad?  What was your favorite item in this weeks sale?
The cheese and canned veggies were obviously my favorite! I just need to reorganize my pantry now. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Family Field Trip

A few months ago, I mentioned to Michael that I thought it would be fun to take Josiah to Green Meadows Farm. About a week and a half passed and Michael came home with two tickets for us to go! (Josiah is still free!) He told me how he came across a deal for buy one ticket get one free, so he grabbed them for us.

We were supposed to go over Christmas break but I got the flu and I wasn't going anywhere. Then we planned it at least two other times and had to keep canceling it for one reason or another. But, thankfully yesterday nothing came up to prevent us from going.

We had SOOOO much fun together! Michael and I loved to just watch Josiah as he ran around all excited getting to pet all the animals. He really loved the train ride too, the hayride he didn't seem to enjoy as much but I can't blame him that hay was itchy. :)
 He thought the chickens were cool.
"Llama Face, Llama Face!" 
Please tell me I'm not the only one who says that when I see a llama. :)
 Pony ride- he absolutely loved it!
 Train ride
 A very contented little boy enjoying the 'choo-choo'.

 I liked this bunny until it scratched me as I was putting it down.
 We all milked a cow. :)
 "Everybody's got a water buffalo..."
 Baby Ducks
The most comical and most disgusting part of the day happened right after this picture with the goats. They have you leave the pen and then they fill your hands with goat food and let you feed them from the outside of the fence. Michael was helping Josiah feed one while I videoed. Our curious little stinker said 'I want one.' then popped one of the nuggets of feed into his mouth. *nasty*

Michael told me that we would definitely be coming back! I think we had as much fun as Josiah did. :) Although I could have done without the whole eating of the goat food episode. 


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 14th

Josiah was being a naughty boy yesterday. I finally just put him on the couch and told him that he had to stay there until he would obey. Five minutes later he fell asleep.
I picked him up and carried him to bed. When he woke up after his nap this is what I found-
I asked him if he was a mime and he said yes. :)
This is my v-day present from my hubby. He is so resourceful! 
This is what happens when Mommy is busy making dinner and Daddy is in charge. 
Please take note of the wipes piled up on the changing table and all the diapers on the floor.
This was our dinner.
Michael was impressed with my heart shaped yeast rolls. :) We ended the night watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!!! I love that movie, and true to form Michael made fun of it. lol

We were laughing at the pajamas that Josiah wore last night because they were obviously a little to small for him. Then today, I just had to laugh and take a picture of what he wore.
I think this pair of overalls are slightly too small as well.
I seriously need to go through his clothes again and take out the ones that are too small. He seems to be in an awkward stage right now where either his clothes are too small or too big. At least he is too young to care.

I am so excited that next week is Restorathon on Gospel 90.3!!! This is one of my favorite times of the year and I am looking forward to being involved in it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Weekly Shopping Trip

Spent: $37.58   Saved: $59.92 or 61%

The yogurt, deodorant, and the Rachel Ray doggie biscuits were free. I was supposed to pick up another brand of free doggie treats as well but they were all out so I got a rain check. My doggie friend, Newton will hopefully enjoy his new treats when they make it to his house. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

This and That

These last couple of weeks have been crazy, or maybe I am just feeling crazy. The jury is still out on that one. So in effort of catching you up on what we've been doing I am going to use the bullet method and try not to forget anything important like how many cheerios are all over the floor. Oh and this will be NOT be in order. :)

  • I got to spend a day with my mom this week! We went to the book store (my favorite part) then we went to Olive Garden and had one of their new items and it was so yummy! Then we finished up with a run to Walmart where I spent WAY TOO MUCH COTTON-PICKIN' MONEY.

  • My mom bought me a new 12qt Stockpot and I LOVE IT!!! I made my own chicken stock that very afternoon and it turned out so well! 
  • I had a disaster in the kitchen, two actually. First one involved a new container of cornstarch and the second one was a boil over which I have yet to completely clean up. I guess you can say a third disaster as well, because my kitchen is currently a mess.

  • A very sweet boy at Church gave Josiah his train table and a full bag of trains that he has outgrown. J loves it! It even has a little top that goes over it to turn it into a flat table top. It's so cool!

  • Friday night Michael & I went to a friends house and ate some yummy food!!! Side Note: You know God has blessed you with AMAZING friends when they make two separate pans of food so you don't have to choke down nasty fungus. :) And then we played a few rounds of Bananagrams in which you have to yell out that you are taking a dump and that is just weird my friends. Michael was having fun making a design with all the pieces before we started the game.

  • We've taught Josiah how to say booger-head.Yes, yes, I know. It's funny now but it won't be funny later. I'm sure all of you that are shaking your head at me are right, but it's so cute! Booger-head!

  • We went to an open house today that wasn't open. (Am I the only one who thinks its retarded to advertise an open house and not clearly state 'by appt. only'?) (Doesn't that totally go against calling it an OPEN house?) ugh. I'll never fully understand the real estate world.
***Updated- The final word is that the dude who was supposed to open it just didn't show up. Nice.***

    • There is a piece of cheesecake in my refrigerator! I repeat. There is a piece of cheesecake in my refrigerator! (But not for long!!!)
    • We had an impromptu house guest last night. Josiah loves HM!

    That about sums it up for now. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend! Looking forward to being in God's House tomorrow!

    Thursday, February 3, 2011

    Anniversary Sunday!

    This past Sunday was our Church's biggest day of the year! We celebrated our Pastor's 40th anniversary at Landmark! We are so thankful for a Pastor who sets an example to be faithful!

    Our Jr. Church class was packed with kids! There were 373 kids when we counted but there were more by the end of class. These are the only two pictures I took, the rest of the time I was running around.

    The Lord blessed and over 80 kids came back during the invitation to be dealt with by a worker.
    The Lord answered a big prayer that I only had a moment to ask. Every worker was dealing with the kids and I still had about 10 girls that wanted to know more about having a personal relationship with Christ. I almost began to panic because I had no one else available to speak with these girls. Then the Lord sent two College girls who walked in and came up to me and asked if I needed help! I said 'YES!!!' Praise the Lord, they were able to split the group up and talk with them. 

    Michael told me later on that the biggest blessing he got out of the day was after the invitation he realized that he had no available workers. Here he stood in charge of 300 kids by himself. He was so thrilled that they all obeyed when he asked them to remain quiet as they whispered Scripture songs so that those in the back could listen to the soul winners without too much distraction.

    One of the most sweet things to hear is when a bus worker comes up to tell us that some of their bus riders got saved in our class and that they gave a very clear testimony and were so excited about knowing Jesus. We praise the Lord for our workers, and all the souls that were saved on Sunday!