Friday, January 31, 2014

Q is for Quail

Josiah did well in school this week. We began learning to count by 5's and by today he can alllllmost do it completely from memory.
 I was able to use Josiah's pin the goggles on the minion game from his birthday party as a part of school. I love the double use of things! (The bowling minions were even used for Anniversary Sunday.)
 We even let Joanna play with us. :)
 Readers are leaders, right? This is a common occurrence in our house and I love it. They even clean up the books when told. :)
Josiah made great progress with his reading this week! We have been working with him to sound out the words in his head instead of out loud. This week it CLICKED! I love hearing him read.

It wasn't all roses this week. One day he totally and completely forgot all the coin names and values. It was frustrating me to no end so we had to set it aside and come back to it later on. Today he remembered them all, thankfully.

Week 22: Complete! :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Time to PAR-TAY!

Because my hubby is awesome (he sent me out of the kitchen while he cleaned up) I get to share the party pictures with you tonight. :) Yes, I married a VERY good man.

 One of our neighbors (I'll call her L) was able to come with us. It was such a blessing to have her with us. Josiah was stuck to her like glue.
 MMmmm. Hot dogs.
 We waited in line so L could have a go at the dunk tank.
 You can see what my two thought about standing in line. ha!
 Josiah was excited to get his coke. :) It is a rare treat for him and he drank the entire can.
 L finally made it to the front and had a blast throwing the ball. She didn't come anywhere near dunking him but you wouldn't have know that if you saw the smile on her face.
 My Hubby twisting balloons.
 Josiah was excited about the hay ride! When he got off he had a huge smile when he said "I even threw some hay!"

 I wasn't too sure if Josiah would like the blow-up obstacle courses and slide or not. Oh man, he LOVED them. After he finished the first one he jumped off threw his arms out wide and yelled "THAT WAS AWESOME!" It was so hilarious!

 I know this picture is blurry but it caught his smile and I love it!
 We stayed until Joanna looked like this. ha!
I was so glad L came with us, it was actually her 11th birthday. She said it was the perfect way to spend her birthday. :)

It was a long day but what a great time we had! :)

Jr. Church- Anniversary Sunday Style

This past Sunday was LBC's biggest and craziest day of the year, Anniversary Sunday! Dr. Carter is celebrating his 43rd year as pastor! In celebration we invite as many people to come as possible. We pack the buses like sardines, set up games, and pray around the clock for a mighty harvest of souls.

Michael went crazy with balloons for an "Under the Sea" theme in our jr. church class.

 We had just under 350 kids when we counted. We had more walk in after that but I wasn't about to try and count again. :) We also had around 25 workers.

 We even ran out of chairs and had some boys sitting on the floor in the front.

 Praise the Lord we had 48 children who prayed to receive Christ as their Saviour! We had some really great Soul Winners dealing with the children.
We look forward to the weeks ahead as Michael goes through a series of discipleship sermons. The work is definitely not over just yet! :)

There were over 3,000 on Church property and a grand total 349 saved! Praise the Lord for all that was accomplished this year!

My favorite thing about Anniversary Sunday is seeing everyone come together and fill in the gaps where needed.That was incredibly true this year! I was amazed at the volunteers and their willingness to do whatever needed done. Our regular workers were INCREDIBLE! The service would not have run as smoothly if not for our faithful workers who are always in their place, seeing the need, and getting the job done.

Upcoming post will be pictures of the party! :)

Friday, January 24, 2014

P is for Pumpkin

This week has been a semi-relaxing week for me and the kids. We have gotten up, ate breakfast and started school whenever it happened. It has been nice to take it easy this week and to just do things whenever instead of pushing to get things done by a certain time. No projects, no deadlines, just taking it easy.

Josiah started learning his six addition family. He is also working on his number words.
 We have seen a bit of improvement with his reading this week. It is taking less time for him to sound out his words. We have been encouraging him to think it in his head and then say it out loud. It's getting there! :)
 We had our 100th day of school this week. We didn't really do anything super special besides saying its our 100th day! YAY! To which Josiah replied "Are done with school forever and ever then?" hahaha NO!
 We are currently reading a Critter Kids book, A Mystery At Big Horn Ranch. Josiah is really loving the western style of the book. He begs for me to read him two chapters at a time instead of one. In one of yesterday's chapters it was a breakfast scene and grits were involved. Josiah asked what grits were so I explained it to him. He doesn't remember eating them and asked if we could have some for breakfast.
He woke up this morning and remembered about his grits and was so excited to try them. He took a big bite and exclaimed "Grits are GOOD!" hahaha He only wanted a few bites though. It's an improvement over the last time he had them and said they were "yuck". I surely didn't tell him that, though! :)

I am loving the enthusiasm I see when he is doing something he truly enjoys. I was washing the dishes and he was begging me to stop and read to him. I told him that when I finished the dishes that I would. He said "Then I will help you so you can read to me quicker!"

I asked him to wash the table and counter for me. He took his rag and washed the table, counter, front of the stove and frig, opened the microwave and cleaned the inside, then he wiped the walls, front door, and credenza. I told him how much of a help he was to me.

 "Good, Can you read now? I want to know what happens at the ranch!"

Pretty sure my heart melted. :) 

Week 21: Complete!  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Josiah is One in Minion!

Saturday we celebrated Josiah's fifth birthday with a minion party. He enjoyed having family and friends come over to have fun with him. He got spoiled with presents and I got spoiled by remembering how much people love my kids. Enjoy the pictures! :)