Monday, April 23, 2012

Joanna Pictures- Round 2

These pictures are not in order, so use your imagination. :) Above is Grandaddy and Joanna and below is Joanna and her God-father, Michael.
Pastor Carter showed up just in time to meet Joanna before we headed home on Wednesday. She stared at him the whole.
This little yellow outfit was supposed to be her 'going home outfit' but the skirt was too big and fell off. We had to go with the little pj's that although big, wouldn't fall off. By the way, they are both size NEWBORN! She is so itty bitty!

This was my tech, Katie. She was wonderful!
Joanna's nurse, Tina, showing Josiah his little sister for the first time. I'm kinda bummed out the it turned out blurry. Oh well.

{Sweet Kisses}
Wiping the sweet kisses off. Such a boy.
Nana with two of her Grandkids

One of my favorites

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our New Arrival

 Monday morning I had a sonogram and prenatal visit scheduled. Little did I know that I'd end up having a baby before the day was done.

The ultrasound showed that my fluid had stopped its slow increase and began decreasing. It decreased so much that it had reached the 'limit' and was no longer safe for our little Tadpole to stay in there, despite me drinking like a camel.

As you can imagine the next few hours were a bit crazy as we tried to grab everything we'd need for the next few days and drop Josiah off at Nana's house before heading to the hospital.
 Getting prepped and ready

 Dr. Jardine and Tadpole
 Six pounds and three ounces of Sweetness
 My first glimpse of Joanna McKinley

 Bath Time
We were extremely blessed to know 
Joanna's nurse! She was a parent of a 
student that was in my third grade class that I taught.
 She took excellent care of our little princess!
 Joanna came to see me while I was in recovery.
 Daddy and his little lady

Thank you so much to those who have been praying for us. I couldn't ask for better friends, family, and church family who pray for each other!

More pictures to come later... as time and strength allow.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Snapshot (or two) of Our Easter Weekend

Thanks for taking the time to scroll through the pictures. Hope you have a lovely afternoon, mine will be spent searching the back of my eyelids... I hope! :)

11 Days!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Josiah's Prayer

Man, Oh, Man! Josiah has been so stinkin' cute when he has been praying as of late. Multiple times Michael and I can hardly contain our laughter because it is just so sweet and cute with what comes out of his mouth.

We, especially Michael, has been trying to teach him that when He prays he is actually talking to God and shouldn't just hurry through a prayer. He has been doing awesome (except at meal time) and we have praised him and told him that God is very pleased when we take time to really talk with Him.

I threw that 'except at meal time' in there because this is his normal meal time prayer.

Jesus, thank you for my food. Amen.

Sometimes he varies from the norm and says...

Jesus, thank you for my food and my cup. Amen


Jesus, thank you for my food and Daddy's food and Mommy's food and the blinds. Amen.

But my favorite time to hear him pray is during our family devotions/prayer time. Michael used to ask each of us what/who we are going to pray for that night but Josiah has taken over that job. "Mommy/Daddy, who you gonna pray for tonight?" Then Josiah tells us who He is going to pray for- we never know what he is going to say. Especially when he actually starts to pray. This week alone he has come up with some cute little things.

My favorite so far was-

Thank you for all my peoples at Church!

We totally cracked up when he said that! My second favorite was when he asked Jesus for a new couch. lol Mommy said a very loud Amen! :) One night he prayed for 'all the princesses'. (He thinks any girl who is dressed up nice is a princess.)

We've been praying for several people who are suffering with illness or injuries for a while now and I love it when I hear him pray for them because he has his own way of saying their name. It just makes me smile to hear the various pronunciations he comes up with. Dr. Herring is now Mr. Herin. Alesha is Miss Awesha. Joanna is Miss Jo-Nanna. Sometimes he'll stop and say "What's their name again?"

A few weeks back some of our dear friends who are family who are also Josiah's Godparents were really sick. We had been praying for them every night and finally one night Josiah tells me that we don't have to pray for Michael anymore because he is better, we just have to pray for Jennifer because she is still sick. He was quite serious when he said that too. :)

He also prays when its bedtime. This time can also be kinda cute. His favorite things to pray are-

Thank you that my room is painted, and for my curtains, and my bed, and my pictures.

It melts our hearts when he prays for Michael and I. He always follows it with a sweet little kiss to our cheek during praying. I love that little guy!

Josiah has been sitting with me in Church for the last two months and Sunday was the WORST NIGHT EVER!!! I was a bit frustrated by the end of that night to say the least. So Wednesday night before Michael sent him downstairs to me, they prayed together and asked Jesus to help Josiah to sit still and be quiet during the service. It was such a drastic change! He sat so still most of the time! I was so pleased. We thanked Jesus that night for helping Josiah to obey.

This morning while I was praying for our breakfast Josiah interrupts me and whispers "Pray for Daddy to go to the bank for my candy!" :) So I prayed that the nice bank lady will be working today and will remember Josiah's lollipop. 

Josiah has taught us so much about child like faith and about praying for and thanking God for little things like the rooms we've been able to paint or our neighbor's cute little puppy. Having children really is a blessing, he teaches us new things all the time.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby Update

Today was my appointment to check Tadpole's weight to make sure she is growing good since she was very tiny at the last sonogram. She is now up to 6 lbs and some odd ounces. :) So she is "right in the middle" as they say.

We were hoping she would co-operate with us to get a 3-D picture but she was stubborn again. :) The Tech tried her best and kept apologizing. We told her we can wait a couple more weeks.

While checking for her weight they also noticed that my fluid is very low this time and I am also showing signs of dehydration. After several questions about my water intake the doctor explained that I am apparently one of those women who do not absorb water (or something like that) and therefore I am now on a water and Gatorade regimen until the end of the pregnancy.

I guess this explains all the cramping in my legs and hands despite drinking a ton of water. I go back Monday for another sonogram to see if it is making a difference.

My back has been giving me lots of issues as of late so I'd really appreciate your prayers that my back will just hold up for the next couple weeks without major problems. We are in the "home stretch" and we are very much looking forward to meeting our little girl.