Sunday, July 31, 2011

Full of Fun Friday

 Friday we went over to Michael's brother's house for lunch. Michael played the Kinect while we were waiting for lunch.
(Below) Michael using Josiah to box while playing the Kinect.
After lunch we all went for a walk down to the gravel pit!
Brothers :)

 Cousins Jasmine, Amy & Dustin with Josiah climbing around on one of the many piles of gravel.

 I think they were attempting to skip rocks.
 Josiah getting a close up look at the "tractor"
 We found some raspberries!
 Yummy! Yummy!
 Having fun climbing around
 Michael and Josiah showing me their muscles.

Cousin Jasmine, Josiah, and Aunt Sarah
 The birdies have feathers now!
 After our walk we played a little bit of volleyball and tried to play badminton. Then we sat around talking until we had to leave.
 We left with more than we brought :)
 Later that afternoon I went with Sami and got to hear Baby Ailey's heartbeat!!!! Such an incredible and sweet sound to hear! Thank you Sami for sharing that with me! Then we had supper and went shopping. :) We had fun looking at all the baby clothes and gadgets! I found a pair of new Nike tennis shoes for Josiah at a thrift store! :)  Sami found a cute little Irish outfit and a tiny pair of shoes!
Michael and his mom helped out doing the decorations for vbt while I stayed at the house with J today.
We are looking forward to Church tomorrow. Michael will be preaching in one of the jr. churches and then Kids VBT starts Monday Night! Michael is definitely staying busy! :)

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Having a Grand Time!

Yesterday I went to Sami's work to drop off some Publix cupcakes and icing to her that we flew down inside our luggage! Thank you MPPjr. for getting us hooked up with the goods for her!!
In the afternoon all the girls went and got pedicures done!
 My sister in law's sister babysat Josiah for us while we got spoiled. Thank you, Becky!!
After we picked J up we went to my sil's house for a few quick minutes.
 They have a birds nest laying on the ground in their yard with new babies in it.
 It was really neat to see them!
 This is from Teen VBT last night. Michael is in charge of running the indoor and outdoor games.

 Evangelist Dave Sommerdorf is the preacher for the week. We've been able to hear him preach a few times so far and I have thoroughly enjoyed the messages that the Lord has laid on his heart to preach.
 Michael and Josiah played outside this morning with Mitzy while I got our rooms organized a bit more. I think I will be able to find things without searching for them now.
Tonight I get to meet up with Sami after she gets off work to spend some time with her! I am so excited! 

Hope everyone is have a wonderful day!

Alaska - Day 1

 (Above) How Josiah passed his time on the first flight from Orlando to Seattle which is just over a 5 hour flight.
(Below) How I passed my time.
 When we boarded our 2nd flight from Seattle to Fairbanks Josiah was so cranky. It was about 1am Florida time, totally passed his bedtime!! We had to wait a good 20 minutes just to take off it seemed. About 5 minutes before we took off Josiah looked at me and said "Mommy, I want my bed". I had him lay his head down and he was out and didn't even stir when we took off.
 He was rather cranky when we got to Fairbanks. Poor little guy was ready for some sleep.
Michael's parents have a little doggie and J has absolutely loved playing with her!
Sunday after Church Michael's family all met for a yummy lunch. The kids played around outside until it was time to eat.
Dustin and Josiah just having fun.

  Me and Sami on Sunday Night! Isn't she a gorgeous expectant mommy?!!!! I have enjoyed seeing her so much and I am looking forward to spending as much time with her as possible!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Day

 Story Time @ the library
 This little guy below absolutely LOVED Josiah's shoes. He followed J around and kept trying to touch them.
 Craft Time
 After we left the library we went to the park, ate our lunch, and then ran off some energy.
 Then we headed to camp so the girls could watch the campers play a game. (They've been begging me all week.)

 Then we zonked out in the car on the way back home.

After a nap and a bath we headed to Sonny's to eat with Nana and Granddaddy then back to camp for the church service. It has been a very busy day!!! 

Tomorrow I drive the girls back to their house so I can get laundry done, get packed, and get the house clean so we can take off for Alaska on Saturday! I am looking forward to some cooler weather but I am REALLY looking forward to seeing my best friend!!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blood & Stamps

My sister and her hubby took a couple of their teens to a youth camp in Georgia this week and left the twins with me! They have been really good and Josiah has been really bad. :( He thinks he gets to show off I guess.

Anyways, they all have been playing like crazy with all of J's toys. There have been a few mishaps... Josiah got wacked in the head with his toy golf club and ended up with a bloodied and fat lip. My half full book of stamps got used like stickers.... it is now a widely known fact that my desk is off limits.

I am wondering if I can mail construction paper as is.

Oh, and the liberty bell is now pink. lol
 What a day!

The girls think I'm a good cook. They sure like that grilled cheese that was slightly burned on one side. (why must everything 'happen' while I'm trying to cook?) I used the old butter knife trick and they didn't even notice that they were eating burned bread. And I just have to add I only had to say this phrase once, 'that's fine if you don't want to eat your green beans, I have some prune juice in the refrigerator you can have instead.' :D

And here are a few pictures for Nana and Granddaddy since I just got a message asking why I haven't posted anything. In my defense I've only had them since yesterday!!

 M & R
 Movie Time!
Josiah looked at me as I was cleaning his bloody lip and said all pouty like, "I wanna watch a movie now, Mommy."
On the way home tonight from camp one of the girls was asking Josiah what s-t-o-p spelled and he said 'uh... uh... WALMART!!!!' The girls sounded exasperated when they said 'No! It spells stop!' My first reaction was "WALMART????? Why couldn't you have said PUBLIX????" but I settled on "Girls, he doesn't know how to spell yet."

I wish I could remember all of the funny things that they all have said to each other this week. They have kept me in stitches when I am not looking at a pink liberty bell on a piece of construction paper. :)

Hope you all have a great night!