Monday, April 14, 2014

Leaving the Cave

Saturday my brother's family had an Easter get together at their house. I REALLY wanted to get out of the house so we decided to give it a try and see how my body handled all movement.

It was nice to see everyone. Aunt Becky brought eggs and baskets so all the littles could do an egg hunt. We stayed about thirty minutes and then came home. I spent the rest of the day in bed with my heating pad and pain pills. haha.

My body isn't quite ready for being out and about just yet. We have more family coming down in May for vacation and we are hoping that I am well enough to do a few things with everyone by then. If not, while I will be bummed I will keep trusting that Christ knows best.

I am LOVING having my sister in law with us for a few days. We get along so well and have been talking almost non stop. haha. I am SO glad she and Isabella was able to fly down with Amy!

Poor Joanna seems to have caught the stomach bug. :( We are praying like crazy that no one else catches it! Sarah and the baby fly out Thursday and the last thing they need is to be sick! So for tonight Lady J is sleeping in our room. She is quiet as a mouse but has yet to go to sleep.

The Lord has continued to supply our every need and even a few wants! We are so truly blessed by the love and generosity of those that God has placed in our lives. I won't list names or anything because recognition is not what they want but I pray and truly believe that God will bless each and every person who have been an encouragement to our family through our journey.

I sign off for the night with a few pictures from Saturday...

Friday, April 11, 2014

T is for Tiger

School has been looking a bit different for us the last two months. I have just been doing the bare bones without all the frills. I thought Josiah would really miss the games and the variety of stuff we did. He was always disappointed when we had to skip the fun stuff before, but he has really surprised me!
 We had a few rough days here and there but for the most part he has adapted well to the new schedule of... well... no schedule. We do school at whatever time of day we can whether its in the morning, right before bed, or scattered throughout the day.
 Michael moved Josiah's desk into my room and I have all of my supplies piled in a basket on my nightstand. It is not ideal, homeschooling in bed, but its working! Josiah loves the freedom to snuggle, sprawl out, sit or stand.

 This last picture is my favorite!!!!!!!!! It was a proud mommy moment and I couldn't help but get excited. Up until this moment, Josiah just would not read something without being told to. He does not hate reading but it is work. He has to actually stop, focus, and think.

If he wants to know something he always asks me what it says but I tell him to read it if he wants to know. (I'm mean, aren't I?) So today when he wanted to know what his paper said he didn't even ask me! He just sounded out the words and read it!!!
I told him how pleased he made me by reading his paper when he wanted to know what it said. I can't believe in another month he will have finished kindergarten!

This coming Monday he will have day one of achievement tests. This will be a completely new experience for him. I am praying that he will adapt well and that the teacher administering the test will not be annoyed with his non stop movement and talking. hahaha PLEASE behave, Josiah! hahaha

Friday, April 4, 2014

Project I John 4:11- March

For March the kids did a bookmark craft for all the wonderful people at the library. We happen to really love our library! The ladies involved with the children's programs are fantastic! They give so much of themselves to make library time a highlight of my kids week.

 This was such a cute craft! There are a ton of variations that you could do but Michael kept it pretty simple for the kids sake.

 I hope these ladies know just how much we love and appreciate all the work they do, and the love and attention they give to my kids each week.

More Random Pictures

The kids got to stay with Mrs. Tiffany for a couple days last week. They had so much fun with her and her sweet little baby. I couldn't help but post this picture of Joanna with her fingers up her nose. It makes me laugh every time I look at it.
Jo wearing Mrs. Tiffany's shoes...
Jo wearing Mrs. Kelly's shoes... See a trend with this girl? haha

The kids also spent some time at Mrs. Dory's house. The kids spend so much time with them that they pretty much think they are family. :) I love how worn out they all look after having fun in the pool.


A couple Sundays ago I made some spaghetti! It took me two hours to make it but I finished it and was completely worn out afterwards. It was all worth it though. Joanna ate three helpings!

More Lego fun