Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Pirates Life for Me!

Arrrgh! Mateys we had a splashing good time Monday night celebratin' the Captain's birthday. In other words, We had a late birthday party for Michael and we were all pirates.
 "Josiah the Pirate" practiced what he was going to say when Michael walked in.

"Arrgh! You shall walk the BLANK!"
"Josiah, the word is 'PLANK not blank."
"Arrrrrgh! You shall walk the BLANK!"
"PL- PL- PLank"
"Yes! Good, now try again."
"Arrrgh! You shall walk the blank!"
 Lady J was "Tinkerbell" for the night. She was so fun to watch. The excitement got to her right when Michael was unlocking the door. She just took off running and screaming down the hall. She made it back just in time to yell "Arrrgh!".

 I took off my pirate stuff and gave it to Michael. Ugh! It was so hot with that thing on my head.

 Michael and the kids went outside to play pirates until supper was ready but it was really just until our surprise guests showed up.
 And two of them came dressed as pirates and this is just another reason to love them.

 This was probably the best part of the night. I am kicking myself for not turning on the video. Josiah asked his Daddy to pray "in pirate" and it was HILARIOUS! As soon as he finished we all started laughing. It was  great and will forever be a memory!
 My parents were there as well. They joined in heartily with "Aarrrgh's" when we sang happy birthday to Michael.
The night was so much fun! I am thinking themed gatherings are a must now. I mean... the kids had so much fun. hehehehe

Monday, July 7, 2014

Human Again

Ah, Its been a while since I've written to you bloggy world. I thought I'd pop in for a few minutes to give you an update.

I would just like to say I feel human again! I've been able to leave the house a bit more lately and come home exhausted but not in terrible pain! Hallelujah! The house is staying relatively clean (shocking!) and we are staying fed with the help of some friends and family. Tonight I plan on actually making a meal for the first time since Amy left. (Eek!) It'll be nice for me to be able to cook real meals instead of frozen "stuff".

I am hopefully going to be seeing a Chiropractor tomorrow for the first time since February (at my doctor's suggestion, of course). I'm a bit nervous about it so I am trying not to think too much about it. I have a stubborn muscle in my shoulder that has been giving me grief since Thursday when Joanna appeared out of nowhere and we went ice skating in the kitchen together.

In other news, Josiah's school books are all in and I've s-l-o-w-l-y begun getting things ready for FIRST GRADE! He was very excited that he gets his own books this year. He wanted to start right away but I nipped that thought in the bud. Ha!

Joanna continues to amaze us at how much she is speaking now. She says cute phrases combined with her silly faces that just make you laugh. "That's so beautiful" is one of my favorites. "It's okay, I forgive you" makes me smile every time. "Be right back" is another one that just cracks us up. She holds her hand up when she says it and you just can't help but laugh at the cuteness. Sometimes when she prays she mentions Snow White.

Michael has a few house projects going on right now. First is painting our bedroom!!!!! I am so excited. Last week, we (mainly Michael) got the room cleaned out of all the junk. I look forward to whenever he gets time to paint! He is also trying to figure out what needs fixing with our irrigation system. (I see flower beds in our future... maybe. haha)
The kids had fun today with "snake bubbles". While Josiah and I were getting it all ready Joanna did a cheerios on spaghetti noodles activity which she was really good at. They were so tired after that so we just watched a couple movies until nap/quiet time.  :)
Well, I am off to put more biofreeze on that muscle...
Thanks for stopping by! ;)