Saturday, March 14, 2015

Finding The Sparkle

I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes it is hard to find the good. The last year has been a tough one for me (and my family). As I am looking ahead to another round of shots for my back this coming week it makes me slightly grumpy. (You'd be grumpy too if you had to get shots.)

I have had a tough week, not that it was bad, it was just tough. I have nothing to complain about!!! I have definitely experienced the "Even in the valley, God is good!" in my life. He continues to provide for our needs, He continues to provide the finances for my shots, He continues to guide my hurting heart with gentle hands. Sometimes, I just need to remind myself that He does.

On Thursday, while my kids were happily playing outside, I had the thought that at this moment life is good. And it was. Am I still hurting? Yes. Am I still dreading 40 shots in my back? Yes. I just need to realize that there are still beautiful moments in life. I never want to get to the point where I miss those sparkly gems.

I am well aware that I will have to tell myself the same thing again tomorrow. I will have to choose to find the sparkle but you know what... sometimes it will find me. (Even if it has to smack me upside the head first! Ha!)

Just some Sparkly moments from the last few days. :)
 Joanna playing 'house' and having a whole conversation with herself.
 Josiah is enjoying a toy that was lovingly bought by his Aunt Becky. It makes noise. Nuff said.
 I got to enjoy some reading time outside in the cool breeze.
 Inspecting their fossils.
 Prayer time before bed. These two are goofy and have to copy each other on everything they do.
Who is that handsome man who is laying tile on my back porch?! That would be MY man! :) So excited about my new sparkly tile!

Look for your SPARKLE, my friends!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Warning! Men Cooking!

I just LOVE this time of year for so many reasons! One of them being fresh strawberries. We just love strawberries in our house. 

We were down to only one jar of homemade strawberry preserves. My hubby enjoys his homemade preserves so he was tricked into willing to help me out over the weekend to make a new batch of preserves.

 I cleaned the strawberries really well and then we set to work getting them sliced. I then got to enjoy watching as Hubby got to do all the mashing, stirring, and lifting of pots.

 It was so much easier having someone help that it didn't take nearly 
as long as when I do it by myself. Plus since he did all the hard work I wasn't completely exhausted.
 While the filled jars were processing, Snow White came to visit. :)
I love hearing all the "pops" when the jars are done!
I look forward to our family enjoying these preserves in the coming months! I think I will mostly enjoy knowing that Michael and I were able to spend time and work in my kitchen together (without wanting to strangle each other) to create something yummy.

By the way, He only burned his tongue once! hahaha! He keeps me laughing!
:) :) :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Create Your Own Sunshine

1 Red Umbrella
by Michelle Moore

1 red umbrella, 1 yellow hat,
1 shiny rain coat, look at that!
2 yellow rain boots, 1 big smile,
I think I will go and walk for a while.
 1 wet puddle just down the lane,
1 big SPLASH-
I love the rain!
Sparkle On, My Friends!