Friday, August 28, 2015

Kitchen Makeover: It's FINISHED!!!

This summer one of my goals was to re-decorate our kitchen. The kitchen is easily one of my favorite rooms in my house but it was in sore need of an update. I was tired of the fruit and to be honest... fruit really wasn't "me".

I have no idea how much we spent... I bought a few things but we did a lot of re-purposing of items I already had in my garage. The thrifty me loved it! I am so happy with how it turned out.

The Before

 The After

 My dear friend, Becky made the bag holder that is hanging on the door! I love it!! I found the chalkboard art for 75% off.
 JARS! I love jars. I've been storing them in the garage for when I needed them and now they are helping my kitchen look cute. They are much easier to get to now when I need them.

We also added knobs to every single cabinet. Y'all, life is so much easier now. I heart knobs. (FYI: we went and bought more knobs this week for the bathroom cabinets. It was necessary for my sanity.)
 (Above) I made that sign which is why it looks homemade. haha :) New jar salt, pepper, and toothpick shakers... they make me happy.
(Below) I showed Michael a picture of the jar holders and he said "No problem" and whipped them up for me. All we had to buy was the hardware. I tinted the jars blue. :)
 The whole kitchen makeover actually all started with that light fixture. The old one started to shoot sparks so a new one was needed. I still love it!

The curtains were re-purposed. I cut the fruit off and added the burlap ruffles to the top. Such a fun and messy project.
 I made the soap dispensers. The only thing I had to purchase for that project was glue. Yay!

 I love, love, LOVE how my new paper towel and dish towel holders turned out!!! I showed my hubby a picture of one that was going for $50 online. Yikes! He told me he could easily make them for me for much less. He did a fabulous job! All we had to buy was the pipes.

 *Happy Sigh* First off... Michael and I re-did the bakers rack. It was a beige color beforehand with a drawer that didn't work. We painted that booger and I'm in love. Michael dismantled the shelf and drawer and made me a new shelf.

My crates and pallet shelf was purchased at one of my favorite stores here in my little town. I snagged the rolling pin hook at a little gift shop in Sarasota while on vacation. The picture was a free printable put into a frame that was sitting in the garage.
 *More Happiness* That mirror was a Salvation Army find a few years ago and I gave it a new paint job. The shelf was also sitting in my garage.

While out shopping I showed my AWESOME hubby some jar lanterns. They were $24 for a set of two. Michael came home and made them for free! Well... I spent a dollar for blue candles.
 Now this picture you are about to see is probably my number one favorite part of the remodel.

Are you ready?

My beautiful crate shelves...

 The K-cup holder was completely my husband's idea. I marked the circles and he drilled them. Teamwork! It just cost me the price of a new hole saw....

OH WAIT. No. He bought a variety pack of hole saws instead of one. Not sure I am going to let my hubby go to the man store without me again when he is spending my money. hahaha! Just kidding! I really don't begrudge my hubby some new tools when he spent so much time helping me. :) 
 Another Hubby idea was the spoons for hanging my cups and the lanterns. He spotted them out when we were shopping and he thought they were awesome. Then when we ran into the "what are we gonna do with my cups" problem he mentioned it. We had extra spoons and TADAAA!
I am so thrilled with how everything turned out. I walk into the kitchen literally sigh with happiness. I think the only thing that I still want to happen is a new wooden garbage can holder. (I can hear my hubby groaning already.)

Thanks for making it to the end of the post. You're a brave soul. ;)


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