Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Enjoying Life

I figured I would share some pictures of the kids from this past week that have just made me smile. Hope you all have a great week. ~Joy

1. Josiah loves to read. It just blesses my heart to see him curled up with a book.
 2. Joanna doesn't want to be left out so anytime she sees Josiah with a book she goes and grabs one for herself to look at.
 3. Being silly at a staff luncheon.
 4. My kids (and me) love, love, LOVE the library. It truly is one of their favorite places to go and its free. We were trying to kill some time last week so the kids got to play on the tablets for a bit after they picked out their books. Joanna made friends with the little girl beside her.
 5. I am so thankful we were able to get a pool this summer. The kids have really enjoyed swimming. They are so fun to watch and listen while they splash. They come up with the most hilarious games and love to tell stories to each other.
 6. Me: "Josiah, go get a book to read until we are ready to leave." Josiah's response is to bring out a huge stack of books. I laughed. It doesn't take me THAT long to get ready. ha!
 7. Little Miss Sassy keeps me laughing and shaking my head. She is so full of personality.
 8. More silliness provided by the Godparents.

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